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Editing Services

PROOFREADING: For works that have already been edited, proofreading is usually a final step before publication. Your copy will be checked for grammar, spelling, punctuation, spacing, capitalization, and appropriate pronouns and verb tenses.

COPYEDITING: In addition to the services included in proofreading, copyediting entails checking your work for clarity, consistency, concision, completeness, cohesion and correctness. Authors can expect to see substantial markup.

TECHNICAL EDITING: Some works that use specialized language require a higher level of technical scrutiny, often with particular attention to persuasiveness and intelligibility. These include works with heavy use of scientific or legal terminology or many foreign words. Papers for academic or scientific journals requiring strict adherence to a specific style guide, or which are published in non-US English, may also require a technical edit.

LINE EDITING: If a manuscript needs a little more work, a line edit can help with syntax, word choices, and readability in addition to the checks listed above. If English is not your first language, a line edit can help with sentence structure and terminology.

CONTENT EDITING: A content edit includes all of the above, as well as fact-checking and manuscript structure. Content editing involves looking at the written work as a whole, and ensuring consistency of details and ideas.

COVER LETTERS: In today’s job market, it is more important than ever that your employment application materials are not just good, but perfect. A cover letter assessment and edit is a quick and easy way to ensure you are putting your best foot forward. Cover letters and other materials less than 10 pages in length are edited and returned within 48 hours of receipt of the documents.

MANUSCRIPT ASSESSMENT: An assessment will help determine what level of edit your book requires, and how ready it is for publication. Manuscript assessments include a sample edit of a portion of your book, and an editorial memo outlining the steps necessary to be ready to go to print. Constructive suggestions for overall organization and further editorial work are also included.

Proofreading: $37/hour
Copyediting: $0.04/word or $48/hour
Technical or Line editing: $0.05/word or $58/hour
Content editing: $0.06/word or $70/hour
Cover letters: $15/page
Manuscript assessment: $235

Publishing Services

In addition to editing services, I can help you prepare your book for publication by organizing front and back matter, polishing cover copy, and even helping with layout, formatting and design—all the steps leading up to and including publication, either in print or as an e-book.

Publish your book with Fox Editing & Publishing

Fox Editing & Publishing has been publishing print books since 2014. If you’d like to see your work in print, we can provide all of the services above as well as ISBNs. Whether you want your book on the global marketplace, just a single professionally produced copy for yourself, or anything in-between, Fox Editing & Publishing can help shepherd your hard work every step of the way from first draft to print- or ebook-ready manuscript, as well as helping you choose the print, distribution and marketing plans that work best for you and your project.