editor's portraitKATIE FOX has been editing and publishing since 2010. She attended the State University of New York at Fredonia, where she studied communications and philosophy, and more recently completed UC Berkeley Extension’s Professional Sequence in Editing. Before becoming a freelance editor, she worked as a music recording studio professional in the Bay Area for 20 years. When not visiting her pond in Chautauqua County, New York, she lives in San Francisco.

Some favorite current editing clients include:

Gryphon Agency, San Francisco
Cultural Strategies Council, Sausalito
Neil Young Archives, Los Angeles
Chaminade University, Honolulu
IFACCA, New South Wales, Australia

A recently published book:

More Wonders of the Invisible World;
or, The Wonders of the Invisible World Display’d in Five Parts

Robert Calef, 1700
2018 Classic Reprint Edition
Edited & designed by Katie Fox, published by Fox Editing

This publication burst like a bomb-shell upon all who had been concerned in promoting the witchcraft prosecutions. Cotton Mather was exasperated to the highest pitch. product_thumbnail-1
—Charles W. Upham, Salem Witchcraft Vol II, 1869

Originally published in 1700 and rarely found in print, Robert Calef’s “More Wonders of the Invisible World” provides a more readable and empathetic view of the events of 1692 Salem than the better-known Increase & Cotton Mather book from which its title is adapted.

This unabridged edition has been newly typeset and edited, retaining some of the look and feel of the 1700 original while also prioritizing legibility for the modern reader. Text based primarily on the Salem 1823 edition. Includes footnotes by editor S.P. Fowler and header illustrations from the Salem 1860 edition.

Calef’s work collects his correspondence with Cotton Mather and other interested parties in debate over the then-recent Salem witch trials. It also discusses the misgivings of some parishoners of Salem Village regarding their minister, Mr. Parris, and contains transcriptions of some Salem Witch Trial documents and testimony.

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and at Etsy & The Supernatural Fox Sisters store as part of the Witchfinder Pack.