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SpiritStorePhoto1Hydesville: The Story of the Rochester Knockings,HydesvilleFront
Which Proclaimed the Advent of Modern Spiritualism
Thomas Olman Todd
1905, Pocket Paperback, Classic Reprint Edition
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This volume was produced by Thomas Olman Todd in 1905 at the request of Spiritualist author Emma Hardinge Britten in order to make a “splendid pamphlet” on the origins of Spiritualism available to a wider reading audience. It is drawn from materials found in her own comprehensive book on the subject, Modern American Spiritualism (1869), as well as the first-hand accounts of the events found in A Report of the Mysterious Noises heard in the house of Mr. John D. Fox …, collected by E.E. Lewis in 1848, and from Robert Dale Owen’s Footfalls on the Boundary of Another World (1860). Hydesville is a fundamental work in the history and origins of the American Spiritualist movement. Rarely found in print, this edition has been newly edited and typeset for ease of reading while maintaining the style and unabridged content of the 1905 original.

SpiritualismSmallSpiritualism: The Open Door to the Unseen Universe
Being Thirty Years of Personal Observation and Experience Concerning Intercourse Between the Material and Spiritual Worlds

James Robertson
1908, Hardcover, Classic Reprint Edition
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Spiritualism: The Open Door to the Unseen Universe offers a unique insider’s perspective on the growing Spiritualist movement in Scotland and England from the late Victorian era through to the dawn of the 20th century. Originally published in The Two Worlds magazine over the course of 30 years, Scottish author James Robertson and editor J.J. Morse compiled these essays into a single volume in 1908. Robertson describes in detail the activities and meetings of the still-extant Glasgow Association of Spiritualists. He also thoughtfully discusses topics such as the religion and literature of Spiritualism, Spiritualist organizations and periodicals of the era, and phenomena such as automatic writing and spirit photography. This Classic Reprint edition has been newly typeset for ease of reading.


MystNoisesA Report of the Mysterious Noises Heard in the House 
of Mr. John D. Fox in Hydesville
E.E. Lewis
1848, Pocket Paperback, Classic Reprint Edition
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A Report of the Mysterious Noises Heard in the House 
of Mr. John D. Fox in Hydesville, Arcadia, Wayne County (NY), Authenticated 
by the Certificates, & Confirmed by the Statements of the Citizens of that Place & Vicinity. This book is a reproduction of a pamphlet recounting the experiences of the neighbors of John D. Fox of Hydesville, N.Y. It was originally published just weeks after March 31, 1848, when the Fox family invited neighbors to experience the mysterious tappings of what were believed to be communications from the dead. The events of that day led to the birth of the American Spiritualist Movement, ushered in by the two youngest Fox sisters, Kate and Margaret. This edition reproduces the original pamphlet in its entirety.